Sorting System
Garment sorting system for conveying and distributing the clothes in an orderly and speedy manner

Garments sorting system

Garment sorting system by Metalprogetti, leading company in technologies for conveying and distributing garments

Metalprogetti's Garment Sorting System is used in dry-cleaning business for conveying and sorting hanging garments. Some of this Garment Sorting System's advantages: it regulates the work flow, increases productivity, work and service quality. It also helps reduce labour costs and optimize spaces.

Once the cleaning process has been completed, the operator loads the garments onto the Garment Sorting System to direct them towards the different work stations. It can also be used to temporarily store the garments between work phases.

The Garment Sorting System can be combined with both extraction models:

  • gravity extraction, the simpler and cheaper solution with a smaller storage capacity;
  • chain extraction, that makes the garments rise and so increases the storage capacity.
The Garment Sorting System therefore offers many advantages and represents an excellent investment to reduce costs and improve the ironing staff's work.


It regulates the work flow and allows visual checking, improving the system's and the plant's operation performances
As the garments are hung just as they come out of the washing machines and are still warm, this reduces the time necessary for ironing and improves its quality
The work stations are fed without the staff having to move around
Productivity and service quality are improved
Labour costs are reduced
The plant benefits from more tidiness
The staff can't set aside “special” garments (for example pleated skirts or silk shirts)
Garments are handled in batches
Temporary storage is possible
It can convey the garments from the work station to the quality check
Very silent compared to other transport systems traditionally used, such as screw conveyors
The system layout is designed ergonomically and to use the space available in the best way
The system layout is flexible and easy to modify or to expand if new work situations and necessities crop up