7200H Sorting system

Industrial laundry sorting system

laundry sorting system

The 7200H Garment Sorting System is the ideal solution for industrial laundry services and uniform rental businesses. This device conveys and sorts large quantities of hanging garments in a fast and orderly manner.

Rapid, reliable and easy to use: these are the main features of the 7200H Garment Sorting System that rationalizes every operation. From the conveying to the sorting and assembly of garments, the 7200H noticeably improves production, reduces labour costs and maximizes the use of space.
The Garment Sorting System designed by Metalprogetti has the advantage of being a very quick system and at the same time extremely versatile and adaptable to a wide variety of conditions. The Garment Sorting System is made up by a one-way conveyor line connected to other conveying systems, from where the garments can be sent off to the various work stations, while temporarily storing garments waiting to be processed.
The Garment Sorting System created by Metalprogetti is an excellent investment for anyone with an industrial laundry service that wants to improve their performance and the quality of the services offered to clients.

Various versions of the 7200H Garment Sorting System can be created with different levels of automation and productivity. Each system is designed and built based on the client's needs. Metalprogetti creates special custom solutions for each user. Every system can be equipped with multiple successive and consecutive lines, interconnected with other lines for conveying or temporarily storing the various batches.
It is also possible to create systems that can perfectly arrange each single garment, grouping them by lot according to various sorting or arrangement criteria, always in compliance with the needs and performance requested.

Available in various versions:

  1. Manual
  2. Semi-automatic
  3. Automatic
Reduces labour requirements for the transport, selection and sorting of garments
Saves money and time in every operating phase
Garments can be tracked during the sorting phase
Space-saving automated overhead lines can be created to make the best use of available space
The system's highly modular components make it easy to adapt to suit the client's needs
Virtually eliminates the incidence of error
Can be adapted in the future to meet the changing needs of the market and the client